The Team

One loves a good story and the discovery of a typo; she was hooked at age four after writing her first memoir about a unicorn. And, the other is the “Type A” with a big pinch of sarcasm, the one who develops marketing plans to a ‘T’ and executes without a hitch.

Like pieces of a puzzle, our team pulls together seamlessly to create innovative design, communications and marketing ideas.

Who We Are

Micah Griffin & Carrie Ward joined forces in 2016, each possessing 15+ years of experience in their related fields, and a desire to see their dreams come true.

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What We Do

Your Marketing Arm. The Marketing Ying to Your Business Yang. Your Marketing Partner.

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In life and in business, we come to many crossroads where we have decide which direction to go. Each direction leads down a path of specific, differing results. At CrossRoads Marketing & Branding, it is our responsibility to help our clients create their path. One that is true to their brand … one that achieves their specific marketing objectives … and one that ultimately translates into more business. We bring your company’s ideas to life by providing result-driven marketing initiatives. We deliver a branding partnership that is creative, effective, and meets our clients’ objectives.

Who We Partner With

Whether you’re launching a new company, wanting to grow an existing business or re-launching a lagging concept, CrossRoads promises to understand your brand first. Then market the heck out of it. These are just some of the people we have the pleasure of partnering with…

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What We Think

Not only what we think, but what we think you need to know to make the most out of your marketing efforts and budget. Visit our blog often for news on the latest marketing trends and information to help grow your business.


What do our clients say?

Let’s Meet

Let’s partner, help grow your company and celebrate the success…together!